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Annual Reports

Full NVT highlight since 2014.


Monthly highlights from January 2019

Check Lists and Field Guides

A revised Alien Invasive Species Guide for Nature's Valley.

Baboon Management

Sharing our environment with wildlife may sometimes results in conflicts. It is therefore important to practice good baboon and monkey safety. These guidelines should assist.

Dogs in Our Environment

In Plett and surrounds we #ShareTheShores with a plethora of wildlife nestled in beautiful natural settings. Dog zones were developed so that we may enjoy certain beaches with our dogs, either on leash or of and also so we may know which beaches to avoid due to high shorebird breeding or blue flags status.


We low using graphic and visual tool to present current issues or feed back on results. Infographics just make learning so much more fun! 

Managing Your Environment

Green living tips for your Environment

Marine Tourism #ShareTheSeas

NVT often produces helpful and/or informative brochures on various topics.