The Baboon Management Forum

The Baboon Management Forum provides an interface for conservation authorities and residents to engage on issues relating to human/baboon conflict. This collaborative forum is composed of members from SANParks, Cape Nature, the Nature's Valley Rate Payers’ Association, the Bitou Municipality, interested residents and the NVT. The NVT has accumulated five years’ data on the presence and invasion of Chacma baboons in Nature’s Valley. This data has been obtained with the aid of a baboon WhatsApp reporting group used by residents to alert their neighbours to baboon activity, which has proven to be very important in alerting home owners and residents to baboon movement and to take the necessary precautions when baboons are close by.

Currently, the NVT, in conjunction with the Nature’s Valley Ratepayers’ Association, is investigating improved waste management practices, particularly the use of baboon- and monkey-proof bins in the village. The intention here is to ensure a safer environment for both the baboons and the residents with whom they have to co-exist.