Animal Rescues

The NVT team frequently are the first point of call for visitors and residents to call on to rescue animals in distress. We partner with Tenikwa Rehabilitation Centre and Radical Raptors, by collecting, stabilising and transporting animals to centres where they can be properly cared for. We also ring rehabilitated birds prior to release back into the wild, to assess the success of the rehab process.





Penguin Release

World Oceans Day, observed annually on 8 June, is a chance to remember and celebrate the vitally important role of oceans and the diverse life they support. The 2017 theme was “Our Oceans, Our Future”. On the 10th June 2017, a group of NGOs teamed up to help create a brighter future for the “Endangered” African Penguin.

Adult and juvenile penguins are often seen in the waters around Plettenberg Bay and are occasionally found on the beaches, injured, sick or moulting on the mainland where they are vulnerable to predation. From March to June this year, the Tenikwa Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre has admitted five penguins: two with injuries, one with avian malaria and the other two were moulting. The penguins recovered well and met the health, feather waterproofing and swimming requirements to be released.

They were release on Lookout Beach in Plettenberg Bay in a collaborative effort between BirdLife South Africa, Tenikwa Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, the Nature’s Valley Trust, BirdLife Plettenberg Bay and CapeNature. Members of the public were encouraged to come experience the moment. For those that missed out you can view a short film on the release here.



Penguin Release