Covie community

Covie Hiking Trail            

Covie is a small village situated on a hilltop above Nature’s Valley, bordering the national park. A highly enjoyable and most informative trail runs from the centre of the village along the scenic cliff tops overlooking the marine protected area through lush fynbos down to the coast and right up to a well-known indigenous picnic site where wildlife abounds.

This trail is favoured by hikers, trail runners, birders and amateur botanists alike and was established with the intention to safeguard the fynbos against development that could impact the near pristine conditions of the Covie village and its natural surrounds. Given that Covie is quite a distance from the main town, Plettenberg Bay, job opportunities are scarce and unemployment rates high. This trail, therefore, acts as a source of income for the community and has been the subject of many a scientific study aimed at motivating why the fynbos in this area must be protected at all costs.

Covie Fishing Club

The Covie Fishing Club was launched to promote sustainable fishing in less-fortunate communities who have to rely on marine life for sustenance.

Members of this club focus on entrenching the principles of responsible and sustainable fishing in the younger generation by reaching out to learners in the Crags and Coldstream area in particular and by focusing on fishermen who frequent the area. In the process, knowledge on fishing techniques, handling fish safely out of the water and discarding of fishing tackle in a responsible manner is shared while learning how to distinguish between various fish species and the role those species play in the ecosystem.