Urban ecology programme

Human-baboon Conflict

Within Nature’s Valley we are documenting human-wildlife conflict with baboons, by mapping all reported home invasions and sightings. This data is used to better help Cape Nature in decision making for this emotive human-wildlife conflict.


Last year's data show a very low baboon sighting and home invasion rate or rather too low a rate for Cape Nature to justify any action. We have replaced our SMS system with a Whatsapp notification group. Along with being much cheaper to maintain it also appears to have greater resident compliance and allow the data to reflect the true nature of baboon activity in the area. A more accurate indication of the increased amount of break-ins we have been experiencing will greatly assist in Cape Nature’s action plan.



Urban Usage of Forest birds

We are also investigating urban use by forest birds, by color ringing birds like Choristor Robin-chats who frequently move into and out of the urban suburb from the forest.

Chorister Robin chat


Habitat Fragmentation

What effect is habitat fragmentation of small plant populations in urban areas having? We are studying effects this on some flowering plants, both in Nature’s Valley and Plettenberg Bay.