Coastal Impact Programme #ShareTheShores

Nestled on either side of Nature’s Valley and Plettenberg Bay are two Marine Protected Areas (MPA’s), signifying the high ecological importance for marine biodiversity in the area. At the same time the region is extensively used by tourism and recreational fishing is a popular leisure activity. With growing tourism numbers, conflict with beach biodiversity is bound to happen! Our research team run several important long term research programs to help us better understand the impact we all have on beach ecosystems. From there, our conservation education team design and implement high profile intervention and awareness programs to better inform visitors of the rich biodiversity we have on our beaches, and how we can #ShareTheShores.

20161027 Sharetheshores Final Draft 01small2

Our new #ShareTheShores billboard, designed by Chrissie Cloete, can now be seen on various beaches in the Greater Plettenberg Bay area.