Conservation in Action

The NVT has a reputation for ensuring that development occurring in the area is done ethically, legally, and responsibly. We see ourselves as an organisation that helps protect the long term ecological integrity, beauty and wildness that Nature's Valley is world renowned for. We are also involved in the ongoing management and protection of the Open Spaces in Nature's Valley, namely the Fynbos Reserve, the Phyl Martin Park, Padda Puddle and the Dell. Our ethos of conservation is massaged into all we do - this is why we were set up and underpins all our efforts in the region. We pride ourselves in playing a small but consistent role in ensuring that Nature's Valley remains a tranquil haven for residents, holiday makers and wildlife alike.

The overarching goal of our Conservation in action programmes is to ensure the long-term environmental integrity of, and sustainable use of the natural environment between Nature’s Valley and Plettenberg Bay. By linking to prominent national and international conservation programmes, we bring the regions biodiversity into the spot light, and help prevent illegal or unsustainable use of our natural resources.

Our staff sit on various environmental forums in the region, including the Nature's Valley Urban Conservancy Open Spaces Committee, the Nature's Valley Baboon Management Forum, The Groot River Estuary Steering Committee, the Tsitsikamma Area Park Forum, the Tsitsikamma Conservation Forum, The Plettenberg Bay Community Environmental Forum, The Garden Route Initiative, Garden Route Conservancy Forum, BirdLife Plettenberg Bay, and the Bitou EE Forum.

Nature's Valley is a registered Urban Conservancy, and many of our valley-based conservation work is done under the joint banner of the NVT and the Conservancy. The aim of the Urban Conservancy is to encourage members to participate in projects which focus on their individual erven with the common goal of maintaining the environmental integrity of the Valley. Projects include wise waste management, indigenous gardening and sensitive lighting. The main project for the Conservancy currently is to educate home owners about their legal responsibilities in terms of alien plant species removal, the management and improvement of the various open spaces in the valley, and documenting the biodiversity in the valley.

Conservation in action