Conservation Education

Our conservation education staff use curriculum based initiatives to reach over 5000 community members each year, making this one of the biggest environmental education initiatives in the Western and Eastern Cape Provinces of South Africa. We believe in investing in both the current and the next generation, equipping them to understand why conservation should be an integral part of how they live their lives. Our CE program uses 17 specially designed, curriculum integrated outdoor classrooms where children have access to hands-on experiences with nature.

We also run programs around national and international environment themes, like national water week, world environment week, national arbor week, marine week, etc. We work closely with many schools, where we run eco-clubs linked to the internationally acclaimed WESSA Eco-Schools program. Also included in the CE program are two annual projects which teach children about the marine environment and how to assess the health of the rivers that they use on a daily basis. Below you will find some more details of the different arrows in our Conservation Education quiver.

We run stakeholder engagement and training workshops for key environmental issues in the region. A holistic approach to conservation education sees us operating across communities from pre-school children all the way to adult user groups.