In Support of Conservation

Nature's Valley Trust is a non-profit organisation that maintains the long term environmental integrity of Nature's Valley and surrounds.

Conservation in Action

The NVT has a reputation for ensuring that development occurring in the area is done ethically, legally, and responsibly. We see ourselves as an organisation that helps protect the long term ecological integrity, beauty and wildness that Nature's Valley is world renowned for.

Ecological Research

At the end of 2011, the NVT board identified a gap in research capacity in the region, and made a bold move to become a major role player in conducting ecological research in the region. Without good quality scientific data, conservation efforts will be like driving in the dark without headlights…

Conservation Education

Our conservation education staff use curriculum based initiatives to reach over 5000 community members each year, making this one of the biggest environmental education initiatives in the Western and Eastern Cape Provinces of South Africa. 

Community Engagement

We partner with several local communities in terms of environmental awareness initiatives, community cleanup events, and community re-greening programs. By resourcing, assisting and educating local communities, we put conservation issues at the forefront of sustainable community development, which is where it should be.