Mosquito Fish Sampling

Fancy a spot of fishing with a difference? Pull on your waterproofs, grab your sun tan lotion and join us as we catch and measure those pesky mosquito fish. Experience real conservation in action and see if you’ve got what it takes to handle a slippery fish. Our experts will be on hand to show you how to catch, identify and even measure all the little fish that come our way. Warning: you WILL get wet!


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What to Expect:

We’re working hard on protecting Nature’s Valley from a nasty invasive species known as the mosquito fish, and it’s actually a lot of fun! Meet us at the NVT Office in Nature’s Valley and we’ll head down to the sites together on foot. A member of the NVT research team will guide you in fishing for the mosquito fish, how best to handle them and get you clued up on the super impressive skill of how to measure them. They’re pretty slippery, but a bit of practice will have you (almost) pro in no time! 

NVT Mosquito Fishing

Why we do it:

The mosquito fish is now listed as one of the world’s worst alien invasive species and has been reported to feed on rare indigenous fish as well as invertebrates. It was therefore a nasty surprise when a 2010 SANParks fish survey of the Groot River estuary revealed a number of this alien fish species in Nature’s Valley. We’re trying to monitor the numbers at the moment, but we also think that splashing around in the estuary is a lot of fun, so we want you to be involved too!

NVT Mosquito Fishing 2 

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