Flower Walks

Don’t know your ericas from your proteas? Join our resident flower expert and get the low-down on the flowers of the fynbos. Take a stroll through one of the regions largest patches of fynbos and develop a behind-the-scenes insight into this uniquely South African ecosystem. From identifying the different species to collecting valuable scientific data, your gardening exploits will never be the same again…

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What to expect:

We begin our flower walks at 08:30am amongst the beautiful fynbos of Nature’s Valley. You’ll take a leisurely stroll with one of our fynbos experts who’ll equip you with the skills you need to identify the different plants along the way. Depending on the season you can expect to see protea, erica, restio, daisy, pea, orchid and iris. You might be surprised by how different the species can look within the different flower families, making identification a real skill to brag about!

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Why we do it:

Fynbos is unique to South Africa with over 6,000 endemic plant species, making it a top conservation priority for us. Our flower walks allow us to survey the overall health of the fynbos by documenting the flowering plants we find along the way. We can then use this data to see if climate change is impacting the timing of flowering and whether this in turn has an impact on the birds which pollinate these flowers.

NVT Flower Walks

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