Bird Ringing

Join us behind the scenes and discover how NVT supports the conservation of local birds in the beautiful fynbos of Nature’s Valley. It’s a bit of an early start, but well worth it for a unique opportunity to see some of the area’s birdlife up close. You’ll witness the whole process, from catching the birds, taking measurements, placing the rings and releasing them; if you’re up to the challenge you can even release one yourself! 

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What to Expect:

Grab a cup of strong coffee and meet us bright and early at 07.30am in Nature’s Valley to witness conservation in action. Dr Mark Brown will take you through the whole process of bird ringing, from how we use mist nets to capture the birds to taking measurements and scientific data. With years of experience with birds Mark is a dab hand at identifying the different species, and perhaps most importantly, helping you to do so too. Highlights in the past have included a paradise flycatcher, Kynsna woodpecker, karoo prinia and plenty of sunbirds and sugarbirds.

NVT Bird Ringing

Why we do it:

The process of bird ringing is an important part of the conservation work we do here at NVT. Each ring has a unique number on it which can then be used to track the birds’ movements and life history. For example, this data can be used to understand birds’ migratory patterns, monitor population and even feeding behavior.

NVT Bird Ringing

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