Samuel Karlsson
1 October 2019

World animal day is celebrated in all corners of the world from South Africa, to America, to Sweden. World animal day is a day to raise awareness of animal welfare and to promote the protection of all animals, domestic or wild.

With the unprecedented number of species lost each year, the threat towards protection acts, and the suffering of animals under poor conditions, today is the day to do something positive for the animal kingdom! 

The lives of animals are affected by the actions we take as individuals, as businesses and as nations. With increased awareness and education, we as a society can create a compassionate culture that feeds into legal reform and progress to make this world a better place for all animals.

Today is for all animals, no matter how big or small, how tall or short, how common or unique. 

What can you do?      

1. Be kind to animals – Think about your own animal, do you treat your dog, cat, bird, or reptile like it deserves to be treated?

2. Volunteer in your community – one person can’t do everything but everyone can do something!      

3. Adopt don’t shop – When adopting an animal you are saving the life of that animal. Also, by making room in the shelter you give other animals the chance to be saved and find a loving home.

4. Donate to conservation programs – To be able to carry out vital conservation work funds are a necessity. Any amount helps and is very much appreciated.


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