Reflections from a UK intern

Jennifer Parker
29 July 2016

It’s summer here in the UK. But you wouldn’t know it. As I sit here, blanket over my lap, hot mug of tea in my hand, the rain lashing against the window, my mind wanders back to a time when things were different. To a time, earlier this year, when I went on an exciting adventure to Nature’s Valley with NVT.

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Having worked 8 years behind a desk for a small adventure travel company in Brighton (Rickshaw Travel - shameless plug), I was perhaps not the most likely candidate for a 3 month internship which would involve some degree of physical fitness and a great deal of time in the sun. The latter of which required my slathering 50spf sun-tan-lotion all over my pasty British skin. Needless to say NVT took a punt, they gave me a chance, an opportunity and I’m so grateful for it because I truly learnt so much. Here’s my top 10:


10. I learnt that white-fronted plovers pretend to be injured to lead predators away from their nests

9. I learnt that baboons love eggs

8. I learnt how to grapple with live fish

7. I learnt that I will never be good at statistics

6. I learnt that walking 8km a day on soft sand gives you great looking legs

5. I learnt that Americans eat scones with fried chicken (although they call them biscuits!?)

4. I learnt the difference between a biome and a biosphere

3. I learnt what to do when you’ve locked your keys inside your own car

2. I learnt that data entry is so not my thing

1. Most importantly though, I learnt that white-fronted plover chicks are the cutest chicks in the whole damn world. End of.


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Things weren’t always easy for me - being out of breath almost constantly for the 1st month, getting up ludicrously early (4am people!?) and never quite managing to identify a single bird accurately. But I will always look back on my time with NVT with such fondness, because I learnt so much more than just the difference between a seagull and an albatross. I learnt that even qualified scientists mix those 2 up at a distance!


Thanks for having me guys!


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