NVT Fresh Legs

Kirwan Strydom
8 July 2016
NVT Fresh Legs



An opportunity to work for Natures Valley Trust was one that I had to grab with both hands. Hailing from a famous little town in the little Karoo, Oudtshoorn, the new area and team provided the perfect development opportunity for me.

Growing up I was set on becoming an accountant. I attended a business school in Oudtshoorn where my father is still a teacher. I am a very active person and love sports. With 3 boys in the house, there was always some sporting competiveness between my two younger brothers and me. The main sports were always rugby, cricket and athletics – in that order J. This love for sports was also spurred on by the fact that both my parents exceled in their respective sports.




After I matriculated from Bridgton Secondary School, I attended NMMU to study accountancy. I soon realize that I am not where I wanted to be. My love for being outdoors, being part of a team and achieving joint successes, where not fed by accountancy. I then applied to University of Stellenbosch, which offered a relatively new course in Environment and Development management. Through this course I found my passion for sustainable community development.



My journey in community conservation started after I completed my degree in Environment and Development management. I started working for CapeNature in Oudtshoorn as a volunteer. After a year of volunteering I was appointed as a Groen Sebenza intern within CapeNature. My quest for knowledge led me to do my honours in Integrated Water Resource Management at University Western Cape.

After three and a half years of working for CapeNature, my road has led to the beautiful Nature’s Valley. With a passion for community and conservation development I am hopeful for a bright future.


Postscript from Cindy: We are so excited to welcome Kirwan into this very fulfilling and rewarding position as he starts his journey to live and work through his passion. Under Cindy's guidance, we are sure that Kirwan will grow to his full potential and contribute to NVT's holistic picture of people and their environment. We wish him all the best and believe that he will be an integral part of the team... Welcome Kirwan.