Elelwani Makhuvha
4 June 2019

Spoilers to my former self

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Firstly I’d like to commend you for making this brave decision to come here, your courage and sense of adventure amazes me (well amazes you, same thing).

1st spoiler…after these six months that will feel like two weeks loaded with years worth of memories YOU WILL BE SO GLAD YOU DID THIS. You will do so many cool things, that simply cannot be justified through any good sentence you will write and your most precious moments won't be captured in pixels. The friends, who will become your very own little family (Caity, Ri and Jackie I'm looking at you), the best and unsteady moments (inside jokes) were with you guys. The latecomers and the friendship that instantly made so much sense, Choi 시간이 얼마없었어.

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I cannot mention the love and community you will experience here without mentioning Xtremelife church. This is where you will choose to spend most of your Sundays and parts of your Tuesday nights. I love loving people! This community will give you the opportunity to do just that while surrounded by people who bring out the God in you.

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Extreme sport definition: a sport that is very dangerous and exciting i.e skydiving & bungee jumping.

Living in a house full of plus-minus five people is an extreme sport! You will find maybe just maybe you were made for extreme sports. Don’t lose heart Faye will bake all the little dramas away English style.

I have a theory…Kellyn is part human part angel, she literally keeps the intern house standing.

Time runs differently in the valley…I warn you, in the beginning this will frustrate the rush student lifestyle so deeply embedded in you. You will have ‘separation anxiety' to the ‘vibe' of the big city life, my advice go with the flow, you will learn something (trust me, I have a trustworthy face). You will realise time is still enough for you to enjoy the beauty of this paradise.

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You will do so many awesome conservation and science stuff (for more on this, please refer to previous blogs).

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I'd like to say I came here and now I have everything, I mean, everything about life figured out and ready to save the world while I write a self-help book, more spoilers this is not one of those blogs. You wont find all the answers you are looking for (who so ever did in 6 months?). You will find the right questions, BREATH! Its called progress.

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“not all superheroes wear a cape”

A big cyber hug to Mark and the NVT team for creating a space that allows individuals to be just that, INDIVIDUALS! In the midst of saving the environment.

…so what’s next? Maybe write that self-help book (am totally kidding) I have no idea and for the first time in a long while I'm more than okay with that #dontspoiltheendgame

P.s if my terrible attempt to take you through this journey was unsuccessful or didn’t at least make you smile, I promise you, you are having a bad day and that's okay!

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