C'est la vie, mon ami..

Natasha Jacob
15 March 2018

I thought I only just arrived? Yet here I am, writing a blog about my time in Nature's Valley with 6 weeks’ worth of wonderful, challenging and hilarious memories. So, I sit back, release a deep...

World Wildlife Day 2018

Hayley Mitchell
6 March 2018

What better way to celebrate World Wildlife Day than a tour of Tenikwa Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre to experience some examples of the indigenous wild cats of Africa!

NVT facilitates Eco-schools...

*Disclaimer: I don’t really know how to start this

Zoé Dillman or better known as Zoébles
26 February 2018

Stories are normally told from beginning to end; but this one in particular is an adventure that must be lived from start to finish.



5 flights and 2 travel days...

The Importance of Environmental Education

Liezl Retief
17 January 2018

Imagine. Imagine the smell of the Buchu bush as you softly crush its leaves between your fingers or the sound of the wind as it gently gusts past you while sitting and admiring the view from...

Nurdles: destruction in small packages

Aidan Henri
11 January 2018

“I am a piece of marine debris, that found a way into the sea,

Over the waves and into the bay, I have traveled a long way.

But on the beach I do not belong, I get eaten by shore birds that scurry...

Entanglements due to fishing line

Liezl Retief
10 January 2018

She was well known by our researchers. Her light colouration meant she stood out from the rest. Pearl was a White-fronted Plover never to be forgotten. She lived happily on the Nature’s Valley...

Things to do during the holidays

Liezl Retief
24 November 2017

As the festive season is fast approaching many of us are winding down and starting to daydream about our summer holiday and for us nature lovers, this picture often includes immersing ourselves in...

The Best Time of My Life

Joy de Vos
3 October 2017

Preamble from Mark Brown, NVT Program Director

Interning with NVT is NOT easy. We don’t do your typical ‘volunteer’ thing. We take on passionate young early career conservation minded people...

Love Letter to the Valley

Madison Foltz
10 August 2017

My time with Nature’s Valley Trust somehow seemed to be over before it had hardly begun. As an American traveling outside the States for the first time, I was so excited to take in as much as I...

Plastic = Not so Fantastic

Zoe Dillman
22 June 2017

International Coastal Clean-up Results

Just a few weeks ago NVT participated in Greenwood Bay College’s ‘Rocks to Robberg’ beach clean-up event, subsequently comparing results with the Green...