World Environmental Education Day 2019

Jackson Werts
28 January 2019

In a world that caters to the needs of a constantly growing population, the environment rarely comes first; every day more urban areas arise, and more rural areas are developed. Environmental...

Penguin Awareness Day 2019

Jackson Werts
18 January 2019

With the approach of January 20th, the conservation community is celebrating Penguin Awareness Day. Before I get into penguin awareness, I would like to just explain the importance of all...

From Crawfish to Mosquito fish

Olivia Saacke
6 December 2018

After leaving Natures Valley a little over a week ago, I already miss waking up to the sound of birds outside my window, swimming in the estuary, the zebra fudge squares from Nature’s Way...

Nurdles: not your average ocean plastic

Rosamond Clay
9 October 2018


Nurdles are so small that even when you're looking for them they can be hard to see.

Someone with an interest in ocean or coastal conservation may have heard of a nurdle, a common type of...

Baie Dankie

Christina Hoang
17 September 2018

Although I came to Nature’s Valley to intern as a marine debris analyst, I also felt the need to get away from my home because I felt absolutely consumed by it. Regardless of my reason for...


Leandro Evangelista
3 September 2018

Attention! To all those considering to volunteer, intern or study at Nature’s Valley Trust (NVT); JUST DO IT! (Shia LaBeouf) This experience has changed my life. I can now call the people I...

A Dream Come True!

Louise Bestea
2 August 2018

Living in Africa has always been one of my biggest dreams, maybe THE dream I knew I would realise one day. I took the opportunity to go to this continent for a 6-month internship which I had to do...

Worth the Travel

Sabrina Engelmaier
23 July 2018

About a week ago, I left Nature’s Valley with a new feeling of positivity I had never experienced before. I spent 3 weeks there, surrounded by stunning nature and wonderful people. Although I...

Drop the Mic!

Hayley Mitchell
20 July 2018

To those who are heading out to Natures Valley tomorrow, next week or in a few weeks: I am SO flipping excited for you. You are honestly about to endure a TOTAL adventure; so many things you have...

Keeping Nature’s Valley Natural

Liezl Retief
26 June 2018

At first I hear it only in the distance, but the footsteps get louder and louder as they pass right by my bedroom window. I open my city-accustomed eyes, marveling again at the quiet, pitch...

I’ll think about you

Liezl Retief
14 May 2018

This time my words won’t be poetic. All I can say is that I think about you. I realise I have been thinking about you nearly every day of my life. Throughout the year I long for your warm beauty...