Living in paradise…

Christina Marques
5 April 2017 something I think we all dream about at some point in our lives. Well that's exactly what I got to do for six months when I interned at a little place that makes a big and very positive...

An Oberholzer Moroccan Roadtrip

Joy de Vos
3 April 2017


Last Tuesday, 28th of March, Obie Oberholzer gave a wonderful talk about his roadtrip through Morocco at the Nature’s Valley Church Hall. During his talk, Obie showed us the beautiful...

My Goodbye to South Africa

Aurora Hood
23 March 2017

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I am officially out of South Africa. After being there for nine weeks, I can (once again) confidently say that I fell in love with the country. The...

Worth the risk

Amber Hatch
10 January 2017

I took a huge chance going to South Africa, but sitting here three months later, back at home in England, I believe it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

My interest in birds started...

My Time with NVT

Rebecca Padget
31 August 2016

Three flights and two time zone changes later, I arrived in probably the most beautiful place I’ve ever been - Nature’s Valley. The drive from George had already given me several lifers in...

Reflections from a UK intern

Jennifer Parker
29 July 2016

It’s summer here in the UK. But you wouldn’t know it. As I sit here, blanket over my lap, hot mug of tea in my hand, the rain lashing against the window, my mind wanders back to a time when...

A Birder’s take on Nature’s Valley

Ben Lucking
29 July 2016

As a birder and photographer, there are few places quite as perfect as Nature’s Valley. Not only is the scenery stunning, the birdlife is diverse and unique. While it is currently winter- a low...

9000 Miles From Home

Ben Lucking
20 July 2016

21 hours of flying is fairly exhausting. My journey began in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on the afternoon of the 19th of June. Two days, a few hemispheres, four continents, and five countries later, I...