My Time at NVT

Jappe Rempe
29 October 2019

After flying for 20 hours, me and my good friend and travel companion Daniël, finally arrived to the beautiful scenery of South Africa. Coming from The Netherlands, stepping out of the plane in...

Day 5: Industry and Marine Sustainable Tourism

Caitlin Judge
11 October 2019

Today is the last day of National Marine Week. However, the month of October is still “National Marine Month”, as well as we - the global population - should try making small changes that will...

Marine Week_Day2: Environmental Education

Lauren Moriarty
8 October 2019

National Marine Week is very effective in community and school outreach programmes. Environmental organizations all over the country hold...

National Marine Week 2019

Lauren Moriarty
7 October 2019

Every year on the second week of October, South Africa celebrates National Marine Week. This week is aimed at highlighting the importance of the marine environment; creating awareness about the...


Samuel Karlsson
1 October 2019

World animal day is celebrated in all corners of the world from South Africa, to America, to Sweden. World animal day is a day to raise awareness of animal welfare and to promote the protection of...

Today is World Tourism Day!

Amanda Seregni
11 September 2019

We all love travelling, exploring new countries, seeing new landscapes, learning about new animals, it is something we all enjoy and do as often as we can. Some do so more often than others, but...

International Clean-Up day 2019

Amanda Seregni
10 September 2019

Today is world clean-up day, an event organised by Let’s Do It World (LDIW) that unites 157 countries in an attempt to clean our world’s beaches. Last year,...

Nature's Irreplaceable Blessings

Elizabeth Choi
20 August 2019

NVT has been a place of growth, peace, and true beauty surrounded by people sharing the same genuine respect for nature.

My experience with NVT has been a gift to me which I will hold closely to my...

Great Expectations

Faye Hudson
6 August 2019

Having already spent six months of the year away from home on my university placement, I was a little hesitant to leave again, especially as my previous two three-month trips were such a success!...

“With a little help from my friends”

Faye Hudson
24 July 2019

(In 1967, this song was released by the Beatles for the 10th Anniversary of International Friendship Day)


What is International Friendship Day?

First proposed by the founder of Hallmark Cards,...