World Environment Day

Amy Perold
5 June 2020

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on 5 June. It was established in 1972 by the UN General Assembly to encourage worldwide awareness and action to protect the environment. This...

The Chapter of a Lifetime

Lauren Moriarty
30 April 2020

Where to even begin… Early 2019 I was afforded the greatest opportunity of being selected as one of 50 individuals to take part in the WWF-SA Environmental Leaders Internship Program. I still...

African Penguin Day

Meaghan O'Neil
15 April 2020

Black and white photo by Jean van der Meulen from Pexels

Hooray for African penguins! They're the only penguin species to reside in Africa, specifically along the coasts of South Africa and part...

Earth Day 2020: Climate Action

Meaghan O'Neil
24 March 2020

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day event, held in the United States and involving 20 million people across the nation. Protests took place on 22 April, 1970, to spread...

22 March 2020: World Water Day

Lauren Moriarty
23 March 2020

Image sited from:

International World Water Day is held each year on 22 March. This environmental calendar day raises awareness about the importance of our...

Water Pollution

Meaghan O'Neil
18 March 2020

Photo by Claudia_Letz from Pixabay

Keeping water clean is essential to the continuation of the human race and the world as a whole. Of all the water that covers 70% of the earth, only 2.5% is...

Leap day for frogs!

Benedict Wilson
28 February 2020

The 29th of February 2020 not only adds a whole extra day to our calendar year, it also celebrates a leap day for frogs! The Endangered Wildlife Trust initiative aims to raise much needed...

Adventures in Nature's Valley: a list

Benedict Wilson
17 February 2020


An all-time favourite activity in the valley is to paddle out on a kayak or canoe (which can be rented from the De Vasselot camps site) and take in the serenity of Nature’s...

GIANTS of the ocean

12 February 2020

Whales are the largest animals on Earth and occur in every ocean. The tongue of a Blue whale can weigh as much as an elephant and its heart as much as a car!

Each year on International...

Radical Raptors!

Benedict Wilson
5 February 2020

An eager group of NVT staff, volunteers and interns headed to Radical Raptors last week to enjoy an excellent afternoon at their rehabilitation and education centre. The flight show did not...