A Hike into the Unknown

Brittany Arendse
7 August 2015

Hiking to Salt River

Today was a perfect sunny and warm winters day in Nature’s Valley, one longed for after the cold and rainy days and nights. My hiking plans have been stunted by a...

Until We Meet Again

Robin Fokker
1 July 2015

After the most amazing time of my life, it is time to say goodbye. My 5-months internship with the Nature’s Valley Trust has come to an end, but what an amazing experience it has been. I have...

African Marine Debris Summit 2015

Robin Fokker
12 June 2015


NVT at the African Marine Debris Summit

The Second African Marine Debris summit, took place from Thursday 2nd until Friday the 5th of June 2015. The Nature’s Valley Trust team, including...

Welcome Brittany!

Brittany Arendse
21 April 2015

It is late in April, my first day at a new job in the heart of Nature’s Valley. The sun is shining and I have already been on a bike ride to the lagoon. I have not ridden a bike in over 10 years...

Johan Hus Leadership Camp 2015

Robin Fokker & Yanga Manyakanyaka
26 February 2015

For their 2015 prefect leadership training experience, a class of 14 students and 2 teachers from Johan Hus primary school came to Nature’s Valley last weekend. During their excursion, we...

National Marine Protected Area Forum 2015

Lisa Schroeter
24 February 2015

Mark and I belong to the few lucky people, who were invited to take part in the National Marine Protected Area Forum last week. The DEA (Department for Environmental Affairs) and WWF South Africa...

My first week in Nature's Valley!

Robin Fokker
20 February 2015

Monday the 2nd of February, I arrived in Nature’s Valley, South Africa, to research the distribution of litter on the beach in relation to the location of fishermen and other beach users. But...

Greeting’s from a new volunteer intern

Lisa Schroeter
30 January 2015

Nature’s Valley: endless beaches, primeval forests and tranquility: Naturally many people are attracted to this area and so am I. Opposite to most visitors who are only staying for a couple of...

Farewell from Felix

Felix Zundel
19 January 2015

Thank you Nature's Valley Trust

Unfortunately my internship is coming to an end now and it is time for me to look back at the time I spent in South Africa. What do I start with? I think I should...

Flower walks in Nature’s Valley

Kellyn Whitehead
25 November 2014

At the beginning of April this year the Nature’s Valley Trusts research team began a flower survey project. The study areas includes four sites, three within the Natures Valley area and one site...