22 March 2020: World Water Day

Lauren Moriarty
23 March 2020
World water day2020

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International World Water Day is held each year on 22 March. This environmental calendar day raises awareness about the importance of our freshwater resources and how limiting they are, further stressing the importance of the Sustainable Development Goal 6 set out by the United Nations General Assembly regarding “sanitation and water”.

Today is an opportunity to take action and make a difference in water conditions and availability across the globe. The aim is to improve access of clean water for drinking and hygiene to people everywhere. Nearly 40% of the global population do not have this luxury of clean water or access to a toilet! In other shocking numbers an estimated 1.5 million children across the globe die each year due to poor hygiene and sanitation. 1.1 billion depend on unsafe water sources for drinking.

The 2020 theme for World Water Day is water and climate change. As much as clean water sources are our issue, climate change is taking it to another level with melting glaciers threatening farmers livelihoods; some of the worst droughts in history affecting millions of people, some which have to walk miles to find any source of water needed.

Water is an important part of our lives, we can already feel the effects that climate change has had on our water sources. We see how flooding is increasing, as well as severe droughts and ultimately less availability of water in problem areas around the world. This is only set to become even more of a severity in our future if we do not act now, these issues around clean water availability have already caused political instability, and negatively affect food safety and people’s health.

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We need to think of innovative ways to obtain, clean, and manage water systems which could potentially help many people around the world especially in highly affected areas such as Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Why should we care?

Water is our most precious resource as it is what we all require to live. However, there is a global crisis that impacts water sources and access to clean water resources that many need for drinking, hygiene and crops. Access to clean water would change the world, and that is why every year a sustainable report is produced to implement new strategies on water policy. These reports target a range of issues and decide the theme for each year such as water and climate change for 2020. Let this year be the time to acknowledge the water crisis and effects of climate change and start taking up action to solve it!

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It is possible, so how can you make a difference?

Solving this global water crisis might seem like a daunting task but it is within reach in our lifetime if we all work collectively. In fifteen years, the number of people drinking polluted water was cut in half by the actions people took across the globe to help spread awareness. So, our goal is for everyone to help and share! Help organizations, offering your time or donations to reputable projects that are dedicated to ending the water crisis and ensure safe sustainable water sources for everyone. And share with the world about the water crisis, use your influence to reach even one person that could be the potential to make a huge impact in the world. 

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To sum up by using water more efficiently, we can reduce greenhouse gases and we can protect the health of people around the world by adapting to the water effects of climate change. The time is now, and we all have our role to play.

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Lets us know how you marked World Water Day 2020?!