Water scarcity and food security

David Krone
24 August 2021

When water becomes scarce it increases food insecurity in our area, we can’t grow our own food, how can we maintain our own health and protect our families.  Things have gone from bad to...

The climate crisis is a water crisis.

Lauren Moriarty
24 August 2021

World Water Week 2021 is looking to “Build Resilience Faster”, each year this week long campaign provides a powerful movement for change which continues to...

World Water Week 2021

Lauren Moriarty
23 August 2021


August 23 – 27 2021

World Water Week and the drive to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda are more important that ever. This...

For the love of sharks!

Kellyn Whitehead
14 July 2021

The purpose of Shark Awareness Day is to highlight the importance of these misunderstood creatures of the deep. To most sharks are associated with fear which has resulted in...

Let's #shellabrate World Turtle Day!

Kellyn Whitehead
21 May 2021

Today is World Turtle Day where people across the globe celebrate these magnificent creatures of the deep. It was started by the American Tortoise Rescue founders, Susan Tellem and Marshall...

National Bird Day and World Migratory Day

David Krone
7 May 2021

Today marks National Bird Day as well as World Migratory Day: the perfect excuse to celebrate the birds here at Nature’s Valley. And they are really worth celebrating.

It was here in Nature’s...

National Dolphin Day 2021

Lauren Moriarty and Monalisa Booysen
14 April 2021

National Dolphin Day celebrates these social and intelligent marine mammals. Dolphins are cetacean mammals that are related to whales and porpoises. They are...

Lights out for Earth Hour!

Lauren Moriarty and Monalisa Booysen
27 March 2021

Earth Hour is one of the largest movements across the globe, with over 188 countries and millions of people participating in a lights-out event. Earth Hour was...

World Water Day 2021

Lauren Moriarty & Monalisa Booysen
22 March 2021


Valuing Water

World Water Day takes place March 22nd every year, and has since 1993. This day focuses on themes...

World Wildlife Day 2021

Lauren Moriarty
3 March 2021

The 3rd of March was proclaimed in 2013 as the United Nations World Wildlife Day. This is in conjunction with the day of signature of the Convention on International...

World Whale Day 2021

David Krone
15 February 2021

Today, on world whale day, we appreciate the immense and peaceful creatures who we often glimpse breaching our horizons. There are three species of whale which we are lucky enough to have grace...