Program Director

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Prof. Hendri Coetzee

In April 2022, Prof. Hendri Coetzee took up the role as Director of the NVT when he joined the Trust from the North-West University. Professor Coetzee brings to this role a wealth of academic and practical knowledge in the areas of conservation and community engagement. He has worked on numerous conservation projects across South Africa and other parts of Africa, including a year as visiting professor at the American University in Cairo.

Hendri is passionate about the interface between humans and nature and brings to the NVT a deep understanding of conservation and socio-environmental issues, natural resource management and human-wildlife conflict, not to mention his love of all things related to botany and ornithology.

He holds a PhD in Environmental Sciences, an MA in Research Psychology and an honours degree in Psychology. To date, he has published a vast array of peer-reviewed scientific articles and authored two books, one on birds and the other on community development.