About Us

In December 2000 a group of Nature’s Valley families launched a community initiative whose goal was to engage all stakeholders and contribute to proactively maintaining the environmental integrity of Nature’s Valley and the surrounding area. The current, relatively pristine condition of the area is largely due to the legacy of a few committed individuals, whose commitment we celebrate and dedicate our work to.

Nature’s Valley lies on one of the most sought after stretches of South Africa’s coastline and development in the area is occurring at an unprecedented rate. The Nature’s Valley community has the potential to play a role in ensuring that proposed development is appropriate and sustainable and that environmental impact is minimized. In order to achieve this, an involved and proactive community is essential, and this is why the Nature’s Valley Trust (NVT) was established to focus on environmental issues.

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Why we have chosen to use the Brenton Blue Butterfly as our logo

We normally think of nature’s flagship species as spectacular creatures like elephants and whales. But a butterfly, thought to be extinct and then rediscovered in Nature’s Valley in 1977, is serving as a symbol of the serious difficulties we face in protecting and preserving our environment.


Mission and Objectives

The mission of the Nature’s Valley Trust is “To maintain the long term environmental integrity of Nature’s Valley and surrounds by becoming proactively involved in issues that impact on the future of the area”

In order to achieve this mission, the following objectives are in place:

  1. To promote the principles that underpin applicable environmental policy and legislation.
  2. To play an active role in supporting good governance.
  3. To provide a support role for authority organisations relating to the environment.
  4. To promote an active, mobilised, aware community
  5. To develop an outreach programme with neighbouring communities
  6. To develop conservation and research Projects
  7. To monitor and influence new developments
  8. To ensure the future sustainability of the Nature’s Valley Trust’s mission and objectives


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